commit-and-tag - v0.21.1

~/src/repo$ release help commit-and-tag
   release commit-and-tag - Commit files and tag the new commit

   release commit-and-tag [files to commit]

   Commit and push the listed files.
   If the files don't contain any changes, command fails.

   The default commit message template contains [skip ci],
   to prevent commit pipeline from running. You can override
   default template using global option --bump-commit-tmpl
   or environment variable GSG_BUMP_COMMIT_TMPL,

   Tag and release note are created for the new commit (check
   'release help tag' for more details).

   If commit messages indicating a version bump are not found,
   the command exits with non-zero value.

   --create-tag-pipeline  Needed when tagged commit message has
                          [skip ci] and you want to execute tag
   --list-other-changes   List changes that don't affect versioning [$GSG_LIST_OTHER_CHANGES]