next-version - v0.21.1

~/src/repo$ release help next-version
   release next-version - Print next version

   release next-version [command options]

   Analyze commits and print the next version. See 'release help tag'
   for more details on how the analysis works.

   The default is to fail, if no commits indicating a version bump are found.
   Use --bump-patch or --allow-current to alter default behaviour.

   --bump-patch and --allow-current are mutually exclusive. On pre-releases they
   don't affect the version calculation, instead the pre and build templates are
   applied to increment version. 
   If global --bump-patch is set, it will be applied before next-version options are evaluated.

   --bump-patch, -p     Bump patch number if no changes are found in log
   --allow-current, -c  Print current version number if no changes are found in log